Data Manipulation

Big data, small data, internal, external, experimental, observational — everywhere we look information is being captured, quantified, and used to make business decisions (Harvard)

40% of business initiatives fail to meet their objectives due to poor data  (Gartner)

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Trust your data and create confidence

You can quickly adjust and fix your data on-the-fly and in batches – thanks to our software. It all happens within the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel through a powerful add-in. Business users and analysts can selectively isolate and manipulate their data in chunks. This is a very efficient and productive approach to correct, edit and reorganise data for desktop analyses. Gone are the days of scrolling through spreadsheets and manually remediating data for analysis. Business users can quickly harmonize, validate, reorientate, select and disaggregate their data. Powerful features provide added leverage without the need to write update-queries or manually isolate records for editing. Data is easily manipulated while reviewing analyses, bringing increased confidence in the accuracy of the results – at speed and collaboratively.


This powerful tool is suitable for virtually any type of desktop analysis in a business setting (up to a million records at a time). Finance, Audit, Marketing, Procurement, HR and other departments are becoming ever-increasingly analytically driven in their decision making. It’s important to have sound underlying data to draw sound conclusions. Our software can drastically reduce the trade-off between time constraints and information accuracy.


You can also post corrections to master data, whether it’s a chart of accounts, a catalogue or any other master table, in a controlled, reversible and auditable manner. By doing this, you can apply any corrections which you make or recommend to databases for the benefit of your colleagues across the organization. Master-data managers can also easily regroup and subgroup master-data items for better reporting and other purposes. Item descriptions are quickly refined and classified. ERP-system and database master-tables can be instantly updated in situ. Changes can be tracked and simply rolled back if necessary.


Our software can quickly enable you to proactively solve your information needs in this data-driven era. Boost your analytical ability, data competency and productivity, easily. You’re welcome to try it and there’s a complimentary one-year license on offer to every corporate (Ts & Cs apply).


Contact us for a demonstration and a complimentary license and get started.