Analytical Applications

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Know your numbers and be productive

Evolving analytical needs and the continually broadening availability of data require evolving applications (or ERP-system modules) to make sense of it and to take advantage of it for better business decision making. We’ve made it super simple to instantly create your own fit-for-new-purpose apps within Excel. No coding is required – just leverage our processing engine and powerful features to turn a spreadsheet into a productive app with all of the analytical capabilities of Excel. These context-specific apps and their underlying data are easily shared and can be adapted further within teams and across the organisation.


As a business user or business analyst, you can quickly create new and temporary solutions to meet specific informational needs. You can also create virtual systems with your apps in a fraction of typical development times. We’ll share our templates with you to get you off to a fast start. You’re enabled to bring faster insights to situations and boost productivity at a much lower cost – just do it.


Our software can quickly enable you to proactively solve your information needs in this data-driven era. Boost your analytical ability, data competency and productivity, easily. You’re welcome to try it and there’s a complimentary one-year license on offer to every corporate (Ts & Cs apply).


Contact us for a demonstration and a complimentary license and get started.